“The Cycling Physios” was formed by Tim and Bianca out of a passion to educate and up-skill the profession through high quality teaching following repeated requests for more medical specific content.

With cycling becoming increasingly popular many therapists are wanting detailed CPD in order to improve their skill set when managing this client group. The young profession of bike fitting is also largely made up of non-medical staff and therefore there is a need to increase knowledge and skills of these professionals in dealing with the injured cyclist.

Bianca Broadbent

Bianca has a background in sports physiotherapy, and over 10 years’ experience working with a multitude of athletes from a variety of sports.

She is highly experienced in cycling medicine, and up until recently was the lead practitioner for biomechanics at the Boardman Performance Centre in Evesham. As a result, Bianca has developed a unique set of skills not only in bike fitting but also understanding the role that aerodynamics has in optimising performance for amateur and pro athletes alike.

She has a special interest in the role of the pelvis and lower limb in cycling performance, and recognises that a position must be strong and stable for an athlete to succeed.Bianca works closely with HP3 on research projects, as well as producing educational material and courses for physiotherapists and bike fitters in order to continually improve the knowledge and skills of our professions.

Tim Pigott

Tim is a sports physiotherapist and endurance coach, with over 15yrs experience working with beginners through to international & Olympic athletes from a multitude of sports, and university researcher.  Coupled with S&C, Retül Bike Fit (IBFI 4), British Triathlon level2 and British Athletics Coach in Running Fitness, he can help you return to, or realise your potential.  His area of expertise is working with athletes who have been struggling with illness or injury and returning them to peak performance, particularly the longer distance events.

This coupled with his own experience as a multisport athlete returning to competition after serious trauma places him in a unique position to particularly help guide and coach athletes back to peak performance following injuries or layoffs.  He has been racing for 30years from 1500m track to 100km trail and mountain races, sprint triathlons through to Ironman, and everything in between. Tim has coached athletes working towards their first marathon, through to elite runners and triathletes’ competing on the world stage.  As a university researcher in physio & biomechanics, Tim is passionate about taking cutting-edge research and applying it to our athletes in the field.